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ISO Maintenance Platform

NSN: 1730-01-488-9629

KWD Part Number: 38-1-00-2 or 38-1-00-7

The ISO Maintenance Platform unit consists of 16 manually adjusted work platforms used in combination to provide a continuous working surface around the aircraft. The units are constructed of welded aluminum tubing with anti-skid walking surfaces. The base unit is equipped with casters and jacks for mobility and height adjustment. Optional components can be added to the platforms that provide electrical outlets, quick-disconnect air, and lighting. The unit also provides stairs, over wing ladder, and allowances for customer tool boxes.


Part number 38-1-00-2 is an OSHA compliant equal to LMC part number 3401459-1/-3.

The function of the unit allows ergonomic access of maintenance personnel to the engines, fuselage and trailing edge of the wings.

Overall Dimensions








7 feet, 9 inches

150 feet


37 feet

10,000 lbs.

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