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PDI Ground Support Systems


PDI Ground Support Systems, located in Solon, Ohio USA (the platform company of the group), is the leading manufacturer of munitions trailers used by 50 Air Forces throughout the world today. The Company has been manufacturing munitions trailers since the late 1980’s. We are the only company that has been in continuous production of the MHU-110/M and MHU-141/M munitions trailers since 1990 (note: no other company has manufactured these munitions trailers in over 30 years). Further, PDI's engineering department offers innovative solutions using the latest 3D modeling software in order to support the continuous changing needs of our customers.

In addition to munitions trailers, PDI manufactures many other types of weapons handling and ground support products, including, but not limited to, F-16 gun maintenance trailers, 3000-series engine trailers, missile stands, and weapons containers and transport modules. All of our manufacturing services are value-added, seeing the product through from raw material to a completely finished product by the time it leaves our facility.

PDI is also known for its military Ackerman-style running gear, MB-1 units and front steerable axles used by OEM's throughout the United States.  This running gear product line allows OEM's to mobilize their ground support equipment for effective and efficient flight line operations.

As a supplier to end users worldwide, PDI works with a Washington D.C. consulting firm to ensure ITAR compliance.

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