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Quick Engine Change Dolly



KWD Part Number: 200-000-104

The Quick Engine Change (QEC) Dolly is a four wheeled trailer with brakes, leveling jacks, tie down rings, pintle hook, tow bar, and tool box. This is part number is equal to LMC 404190-3.

The function of the unit is used for transportation, storage, and maintenance of the Rolls Royce AE2100D3 (without propeller) and the Allison T56-D22, A-9D, 7A, -15, -425 (with adapter),-427 (with adapter). The unit is also used as a work platform when working on the engine off the aircraft.

Overall Dimensions




Deck Length


Tongue Length



94 inches

79 inches


130 inches

10 inches

1,442 lbs.

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