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2.75 Inch Rocket Transport Module

NSN: 1730-01-501-0128

PDI Part Number: 200025510-10


The 2.75 Inch Rocket Transport Module is used to transport or store up to 60 fully assembled 2.75 inch rockets configured in lengths of approximately 54 to 72 inches (rocket lengths vary depending on rocket motor and warhead combinations). Rockets are inserted into individual tubes each having an approximate diameter of 2.83 inches. Each tube comes equipped with a foam insert to cushion rocket warheads and provide proper spacing for the rocket within the tube. Foam inserts can be cut to length to accommodate the different lengths of rockets. Enough space is allocated between each tube to enable personnel to easily load/unload rockets while wearing CWDE.

This transport module has two hinged doors that open downwards and two hinged doors that open upwards allowing access to rocket storage tubes located inside. Each access door has safety latches that secure the door panels in the closed position for safe munitions transport. There are door braces located on the front, top left and right sides of the of rocket transport module that hold respective top access doors open while rockets are being loaded or unloaded. Forklift pockets for empty lifting of the transport module are included at the base of the unit. Tie down rings are attached at the sides of the unit for securing it to a munitions trailer.

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