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BDU-33 / MK-76 Transport Module

NSN: 1730-01-501-9033

PDI Part Number: Z33T-80


The BDU-33 / MK-76 Transport Module is used to transport and store up to 40 or 80 fully assembly BDU-33 or MK-76 practice bombs. Practice bombs are inserted into individual compartments spaced adequately apart to allow for personnel to easily load or unload while wearing CWDE. This Module has two hinged doors that open toward the unit’s center section. A locking bar is included that can be used to secure the doors with a padlock. Fork lift pockets for empty lifting are included and tie-down rings are attached to the sides of the unit for securing the Module to an MHU-110/M or MHU-141/M munitions trailer.

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