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PDI Ground Support Systems (PDI GSS), located in Cleveland, Ohio USA (the foundation company of the group), is the leading manufacturer of munitions trailers used by militaries throughout the world today. The Company has been manufacturing munitions trailers since the late 1980’s and currently boasts a customer base of 42 countries. We are the only company that has been in continuous production of the MHU-110/M and MHU-141/M munitions trailers since 1990 (note: no other company has manufactured these munitions trailers in over 20 years!). PDI GSS maintains the highest rating possible as reported by the USAF and US Navy for the timeliness of delivery and the product quality for federal stock classification 1740 (munitions trailers).

In addition to munitions trailers, PDI GSS manufactures many other ground support equipment and weapons handling products. All of our manufacturing services are value-added, seeing the product through from raw material to a completely finished good by the time it leaves our facility.

In addition to our large international presence, we are a trusted supplier to dozens of major defense contractors in the United States. PDI GSS sells through both foreign military sales contracts and direct commercial sales contracts, and continues to remain a leader in the defense and aerospace manufacturing industry.

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